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Collaboration with WBUR Project Citrus Team’s Voice-Activated Voter Guide

Whenever the opportunity to work cross-functionally opens up – and with time permitting – I make myself available. It’s a great chance to work with colleagues I normally wouldn’t work with and it’s always fun to work on new projects to stretch my creative brain.

My latest work collaboration with Project Citrus at WBUR, which explores the future of on-demand audio and emerging platforms, involved creating design assets for a voice-activated Massachusetts voter guide. It’s a companion to WBUR’s explanatory coverage on statewide ballot questions in the 2020 election.

“Thanks to some crackerjack design work, we were also able to incorporate a colorful image card for the skill, which appears on devices with a screen.” (Read more)

The deliverables included image cards and graphics for the Alexa skill icon.

It was great to see all the different parts of the organization – editorial, tech and design – come together for this valuable resource. It’s currently available on Alexa-enabled devices.

Read more about the project here.

WBUR 2020 “Mass. Election Prep” e-newsletter campaign

Partnering with members of marketing and digital teams, we worked together on an extension of WBUR’s 2020 on-air and digital election coverage, “Mass. Election Prep.” The goal is to get people ready to vote in just 7 days.

We met up on a video call and discussed:

  • design direction for colors and graphic elements like stars and highlighting the state of Massachusetts
  • things to avoid, especially people
  • the various digital and prints assets, such as web banners, e-mail newsletter and print ads
  • leaving room for language translation as needed for our partner in the project
  • and, of course, the tight turnaround

I’m really happy with the way the piece came together. The illustration of the state and transforming it into a ballot box came together as I was working on brainstorming sketches.

What was also great about the project was being able to work cross-functionally. When I get an opportunity to work with a new group – with time permitting, of course – I jump at the chance. It’s a great way to meet / get to know colleagues and new projects help to stretch the creative muscles.

Learn more about the project Become An Informed Voter in 7 Days.

2020 Mother’s Day Audio Card Campaign for WBUR

WBUR celebrated Mother’s Day this year with something unique – a public radio audio card featuring heartwarming, sincere and funny messages from some of our favorite hosts from WBUR and NPR.

Our annual Mother’s Day flower campaign was interrupted due to the pandemic. As we shared alternative ideas for contactless gifts, audio cards stood out from the pack.

Round One

The initial landing page featured only one call-to-action – “send card.” Site limitations initially made it challenging to have more than one.

This first iteration brought the user to the pledge page where they could make their donation amount and choose an audio card. From there, they could listen to a sample of the clip in the product description, but it was an extra step that needed to be made in order to preview the message.

Round Two

Coming up with a workaround solution, a “preview clip” was implemented as a secondary call-to-action for a more user-friendly experience. No additional steps were needed in order to preview and/or send.

In addition to the landing page, a series of email newsletters announcing (a) the campaign and (b) the actual gift fulfillment message were prepped along with a printed postcard notifying recipients that they had a special surprise waiting in their inbox.

Here is the landing page:

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