Red Fish Illustration

A red fish or “big eye chicken” (大眼雞) as my folks call it. I think it’s some sort of snapper. Anyhow, I saw it in an aquarium recently and it looked so cute. I decided to apply what I learned while playing with oil pastels with my Pokemon fan art a day project to this […]

The Fruit Somm(elier)

I really enjoy these video series where you learn more about people’s jobs. Bon Appetit’s is called On The Line and NYT Cooking has one called On the Job hosted by Priya Krishna. I enjoy them both. Anyhow, in this video we get to follow the Fruit Somm(elier), aka Tristan Kwong (IG @fruitsomm), as he […]

Slack’s new helper tool…

is the bane of my existence…which is made worse by the fact that my laptop is so locked down that anytime I need to make a quick update, I need to fill out an IT helpdesk ticket so that someone on that team can update it for me. P.S. I did attempt to re-install via […]

“Canva Create: Work Redesigned” Keynote

If ever a brand were to bring to life and lean into confetti, it would definitely be Canva. Some designers look down on Canva, but I’m not one of them. In fact, I use it myself sometimes. If it can streamline the parts of design work that is super easy but tend to be a […]

New Business (Mini) Cards

I recently re-designed my name mark by using a more beefy type – a nice balance of round and hard edges – and added a swoosh element over the dots of the i’s to symbolize: It’s simple and minimalist which is a hallmark of my work. Instead of having standard-sized business cards printed, I opted […]

May TBR List

Branding is so much more than the logo, colors and typography. It’s the language, tone and point of view. There’s a lot that goes into it – market research, surveys, building personas, forming a collection of principles that will help serve as a guide and then galvanizing everyone to live & breathe it. Our marketing […]

Happy May the 4th Be With You

For a good chunk of my career, my days were centered on creating new Star Wars character illustrations to be released in time for May the 4th – fan favorite USB flash drives like this C-3PO which I am super proud of. So, it was only right that my kiddo would be born on this […]

Marty the Robot Plushie

They’ve somehow turned the creepy robot that slowly moves up and down the grocery store aisles of Stop & Shop into a plushie doll. Who knew there was a hunger for Marty merch? But, more importantly, who knew that Marty is the official store mascot?