Just Making Art

A movie about just making art.

It’s about making art, period. Because you have to and because it’s part of who you are, even if there’s no money in it, and it eats up all of your free time. Nobody here has any delusions of fame or fortune, but maybe if you work hard enough, you can get your stuff shown at that place that’s not quite downtown, but it’s close.


On Copyright

One key takeaway from the Lu La Rich documentary? When the designer said that in order to avoid copyright infringement all that was required was to tweak an existing design by 20%. Ummmm….that’s it? Really disturbing.

Also, I wanted to hear more from the former designer, Iliana Estarellas. 100 print designs by the end of the day?!

“In our world, in the design end of it, it was a shit show.”

“You would think I had my ideal job. I get to make art for a living. Yeah, I was making art, but with a gun against my head.”

“That demand to pump out art with a gun against my head? You know, at the end of the day, I could at least say that it made me a better designer by being there.”