Mini-High School Reunion

Re-connected with a high school / BLS classmate at a toddler birthday party. Her son and my son are in the same class ???? We find this out 8 months into the school year.

Have we passed each other by and said “hi” during drop offs/pick ups? Yes. Did we recognize each other? Nope.

So, in a class with over 250 students and depending if you entered the school in the 7th grade vs 9th grade AND where you stood alphabetically, it is quite possible to have never interacted with each other.

We are the case in point.

It was funny to learn that our lives are pretty much parallel to each other – the way we grew up (in a triple decker house with extended family) and how we’ve stayed where we grew up.

Anyhow, it was a crazy re-connection. And, quite honestly, to find out how similar our lives have been is comforting.

I’ve always thought I was weird for staying where I grew up. I don’t feel so weird anymore.

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