Happy May the 4th Be With You

For a good chunk of my career, my days were centered on creating new Star Wars character illustrations to be released in time for May the 4th – fan favorite USB flash drives like this C-3PO which I am super proud of. So, it was only right that my kiddo would be born on this […]

Spring Break in Maine

For our spring family vacation, we headed up to Maine for some off-season beach bumming and enjoying the city of Portland. Wells Beach Maine Classic Car Museum Downtown Portland We enjoyed the food and all the shops – especially the bookstores and comic book shop. Cate Meow Lounge Children’s Museum & Theatre Would it be […]

My Pokemon Fanart Workspace

This is where all the Pokemon fanart is created. The table is the Ikea Jokkmokk kitchen table which I’ve had forever – it comes with 4 chairs! Anyhow, there’s a pile of Crayola construction paper within easy reach and the kiddo divided the Crayola crayons into two containers when one is sufficient, but toddler minds […]

Afternoon Drawing Session

This is supposed to be a bok choy. i like how the colors turned out. All of this is courtesy of making art with the kiddo this afternoon which was really nice…and, much needed. However, for two seconds I was paralyzed — I couldn’t put the crayon to paper because I didn’t know what to […]

How was your summer?

Catching up with the other parents on how their summers were – they did a lot of out-of-the-country traveling. We just stayed local cuz husband didn’t have enough PTO accrued. Also, we don’t plan very well.

Back to School

…never sounded so sweet. The last few weeks have been T-O-U-G-H. The rain-battered flower above best expresses the state of my soul as the husband and I juggled work, facing the consequences of failing to sign the kiddo up for extended summer camp options and then – to top it all off – the kiddo […]