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Month: April 2022

“Business Proposal” Kdrama

This scene from “Business Proposal” lives rent free in my mind…and I will not forget it ????

Umm..hello Kim Min Gue, aka Secretary Cha. I’ve never cared for the secondary romances but this one – THIS ONE – stole the entire kdrama for me. The chemistry between the two characters Cha Sung-hoon & Jin Young-seo was everything.

Before Mr. Darcy…

it was Gilbert Blythe.

As in “Pride and Prejudice,” things begin badly between our heroes. Gilbert admires Anne (Megan Follows) when she arrives at their one-room schoolhouse; she registers his handsomeness but ignores him, in part because of his cockiness; he calls her Carrots; she smashes a slate over his head. The “Carrots” slate-smash is “Anne” ’s “tolerable, I suppose, but not handsome enough to tempt me” moment, setting in motion a whole course of standoffs and shenanigans which, after many years, finally end as they should—with mutual understanding and perfect bliss. In between: oh, the staring.

“Why We Loved Gilbert Blythe” (The New Yorker)

Updated! MAPC’s Creative COVID-19 Communications

In 2022, The Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s Arts & Culture and Public Health teams patnered again with local artists and designers to update the messaging of the creative, culturally resonant communications about COVID-19 and vaccinations to include booster shots.

Lillian Lee chose the Cantonese/Hong Kong slang 加油! Add Oil! to be the rallying cry for the community to get their vaccine and to stay safe. Her comics, animated gifs, prints, and web graphics are designed to connect to the Chinese immigrant community.

View and download updated artwork here.

“Add oil! Get your booster shot.”

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