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Dunkin’ Spider Donut Halloween merch

a six-foot-tall Inflatable Dunkin’ Spider Donut ($99.99)

Dunkin’ Halloween merch and, of course, donuts on the way. I don’t have the space for the 6ft inflatable Spider Donut, but the keychain and donuts I can do. The inflatable will be available at 12pm EST on 10/3 online and everything else in-store on 10/11.

Embracing the fanfare around the Spider Donut, the brand has crafted a trio of ways to revel in the spooky season. First, Dunkin’ created a first-of-its-kind inflatable with Halloween super fans in mind. The larger-than-life creation reflects the charming donut design and marks Dunkin’s first foray into Halloween décor. Perfect for decorating porches, lawns, front stoops, and more, the sweet orange glow of the Inflatable Spider Donut sets the stage for more treats to come at Dunkin’.

“Our Spider Donut has increasingly become a symbol of the Halloween spirit here at Dunkin’,” said Kemma Kefalas, Director of Brand Engagement at Dunkin’. “Every October, we watch our guests celebrate the spooky season with Spider Donuts in hand. This year, we wanted to create a new and out-of-the-donut-box way for Spider Donut super fans to showcase their love for the season with this inflatable masterpiece.”

Dunkin’ Newsroom

Coco CG1 in Eclipse with White and Arctic Fox Sneakers

These Coco Gauff New Balance shoes. I like this colorway as well as the white.

Rare Beauty: Product Images Win

Rare Beauty e-mail newsletter image

More e-commerce shops need to start adopting this way of showing product images on a range of body types so that we, as consumers, can better gauge how the item will work for us. I just wish the team incorporated this into the actual product image gallery instead of via email newsletter.

The first time I noticed this was actually with Moment backpacks. I really appreciated how they showed the bag’s size relative to folks of different heights. A bag that is a perfect fit for someone who is 6 foot is not going to be perfect for someone who is 4’11” – ahem, like me.

Moment Daypack product description

Can I categorize this under user experience?

New Headphone Gear

I needed to replace my old headphones — these fit over my ears and the bass is pretty decent. It will be perfect for my impending work commute. I didn’t want to spend a lot in case these get snatched off my head.

The Tee I Need

This accurately describes my life.

[source: Raygun]

Mushroom Chair

OMG. can this please be my office chair when I return to office?



bwahahaha – this 2024 calendar is everything.

More Sneakers

…it’s another white pair. But, in my defense, I’ve been wearing the same pair of Adidas Stan Smiths forever. I decided to replace them with a pair of white Nike Gamma Force since the Adidas Sambas have been sold out forever in my size.

These will primarily be my work shoe as I head back into the office a couple days a week.

The husband is so obsessive compulsive about them staying pristine that he’s making me spray a shoe protector over it. Anyhow, I like that they’re not completely white – there’s some off white elements and the gum on the sole to break it all up.

Brooks Running Shoes

I’d like to dedicate my Atlanta, GA trip to the Brooks Running Adrenaline GTS 22. My feet have never been so ache-free after all the walking we did the entire week.

As soon as I got home, I ordered another pair in black since they were on sale. But, even if they weren’t on sale, I’d order them anyway.

I really appreciate how Brooks Running lists out their shoe specs + features. And, hell yes, my feet were cushioned!

So, if you have flat feet, look no further.

I LOVE the specs breakdown of their shoes on the product pages!

LEGO Lion Dancer

I built the LEGO little lion dancer — didn’t realize it’d be a booklet of instructions but I made it through with a couple hiccups. she’s so cute ????????????????

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