From Sacrifice to…Fancy Shmancy Ice Cream: Fulfilling Immigrant Dreams

It’s always a fun challenge to condense everything you want to express into one, single comic panel. This week, I decided to tackle one again.

So, did I actually spend $85 on six pints of ice cream? Yes because Jeni’s Ice Cream is SO delicious and I really want to try the homemade banana bread and pineapple upside down cake which are not available anywhere near me. So, delivery it is.

Did my husband think me insane? Yes. But, he has his Transformers and I have my…fancy shmancy ice cream.

Also, my birthday and Mother’s Day are coming up. Gifts of appreciation for myself are well deserved ????


MBTA Orange Line Shutdown Map Re-Design

my MBTA Orange Line shutdown map re-designed. Click image for larger view.

This is just a quick attempt at reigning in the visual hot mess of the official MBTA orange line shutdown map that was released to the public. I mean, I get it – all the information needs to be listed and highlighted. But, when everything is highlighted, then the information becomes moot visually.

For my version, I refrained from using the black outline for everything because the walking diversions and closed stations could be highlighted and more easily digested. The decision to put color blocks underneath the line connectors is an odd choice. I can barely make out the color and it ends up taking valuable visual space.

Anyhow, this shutdown is going to suck and I’ve already resigned myself to shuttling to Back Bay and then just walking to my final destination. At least I’ll be getting my steps in.

MBTA Orange Line shutdown official map

Rainbow Dash MIMOBOT cameo in the movie Ghostbusters: Afterlife

The Mimoco team lives on in group chat and a few weeks ago, we received a low-res video from a scene in the latest Ghostbusters film Afterlife because MIMOBOT continues to live on – this time My Little Pony’s Rainbow Dash makes an appearance.

(image & source: Equestria Daily)

WBUR 2021 Summer Ad Campaign & More

WBUR’s spring ad campaign launched on April 29th inspired by my lettering and headphone / earbud illustration art for the Membership team’s spring fundraising campaign.

The summer marketing campaign was multi-channel, appearing everywhere from highway billboards to news websites — via digital programmatic placements and core outlets like The Boston Globe.

summer 2021 campaign
summer 2021 campaign
WBUR podcast promotional art

MAPC’s Creative COVID-19 Communications Launch

In 2021, The Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s Arts & Culture and Public Health teams partnered with local artists and designers to produce creative, culturally resonant communications about COVID-19 and vaccinations.

MAPC hired nine artists and artist groups to create materials encouraging under-served communities to get vaccinated. As one of the nine artists, I chose the Cantonese/Hong Kong slang 加油! Add Oil! to be the rallying cry for the community to get their vaccine and to stay safe. The comics, animated gifs, prints, and web graphics are designed to connect to the Chinese immigrant community.

These materials are available for public use. Municipalities, health agencies, community groups, and members of the public can freely use them to encourage vaccinations in their communities.

View and Download All Artwork