New Business (Mini) Cards

I recently re-designed my name mark by using a more beefy type – a nice balance of round and hard edges – and added a swoosh element over the dots of the i’s to symbolize: It’s simple and minimalist which is a hallmark of my work. Instead of having standard-sized business cards printed, I opted […]

Happy May the 4th Be With You

For a good chunk of my career, my days were centered on creating new Star Wars character illustrations to be released in time for May the 4th – fan favorite USB flash drives like this C-3PO which I am super proud of. So, it was only right that my kiddo would be born on this […]

Afternoon Drawing Session

This is supposed to be a bok choy. i like how the colors turned out. All of this is courtesy of making art with the kiddo this afternoon which was really nice…and, much needed. However, for two seconds I was paralyzed — I couldn’t put the crayon to paper because I didn’t know what to […]

Traffic Sign Redesign

The new sign “Cars Only” doesn’t work because most people think cars is a more general term that applies to vans, small trucks and anything with four wheels. This is something quick I did, but would a bright red sign with “No Trucks” work better to avoid Storrow-ing?