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  • We were able to get in some family apple picking time just as the season winds down. We usually get out there earlier but every weekend has been rainy. Much thanks to Mother Nature and an invite because we had a blast. The orchard at Mann Orchards now ranks as tops on our list for…

  • Dunkin’ Halloween merch and, of course, donuts on the way. I don’t have the space for the 6ft inflatable Spider Donut, but the keychain and donuts I can do. The inflatable will be available at 12pm EST on 10/3 online and everything else in-store on 10/11. Embracing the fanfare around the Spider Donut, the brand…

  • It was a part of the Allston landscape. Read more.

  • The new sign “Cars Only” doesn’t work because most people think cars is a more general term that applies to vans, small trucks and anything with four wheels. This is something quick I did, but would a bright red sign with “No Trucks” work better to avoid Storrow-ing?

  • LEGO’s new office will be spread over five floors, with both collaborative spaces and “concentrative work zones,” according to the release. I appreciate the fact that when they say Boston office, they mean Boston office. [Read More]

  • So Boston

    I’ve never see a more perfect paperweight.

  • Took the kiddo and his Popo 婆婆 for a swan boat ride and came to find out my mother had never been on one ???? update 9/20/2023Here’s a little more about the swan boats.

  • Team Building

    Yesterday was the first time where we were all together physically since we all went remote/hybrid. We met up at the National Braille Press to help include braille on a children’s board book. It was a great learning experience.

  • Satancon

    hahaha [source]

  • On April 20, Mayor Michelle Wu and the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture (MOAC) announced that Street Theory will be the city’s mural consultant. It’s a three-year contract totaling over $3.5 million. Through December 2025, Street Theory will work with MOAC and other entities to facilitate and complete “10 to 15 murals or other mutually…