It’s about the performance

TEST 1 TEST 2 A story about sewage overflow was being promoted across social media channels. To see which image would help the story perform, the marketing team conducted a test between the two above images I created. So, which was the winner? Test 1 performed the best! Working with iconography and a short line […]

Slack’s new helper tool…

is the bane of my existence…which is made worse by the fact that my laptop is so locked down that anytime I need to make a quick update, I need to fill out an IT helpdesk ticket so that someone on that team can update it for me. P.S. I did attempt to re-install via […]

“Canva Create: Work Redesigned” Keynote

If ever a brand were to bring to life and lean into confetti, it would definitely be Canva. Some designers look down on Canva, but I’m not one of them. In fact, I use it myself sometimes. If it can streamline the parts of design work that is super easy but tend to be a […]

New Business (Mini) Cards

I recently re-designed my name mark by using a more beefy type – a nice balance of round and hard edges – and added a swoosh element over the dots of the i’s to symbolize: It’s simple and minimalist which is a hallmark of my work. Instead of having standard-sized business cards printed, I opted […]

My Jan/Feb Design TBR List

The theme is color. I recently added three color books after seeing one of them pop up in my Threads feed. It’ll be fun and interesting to learn about the histories and stories behind color, how it’s applied in different ways and the psychology of it in terms of user experience. Hopefully, I’ll be able […]

My Pokemon Fanart Workspace

This is where all the Pokemon fanart is created. The table is the Ikea Jokkmokk kitchen table which I’ve had forever – it comes with 4 chairs! Anyhow, there’s a pile of Crayola construction paper within easy reach and the kiddo divided the Crayola crayons into two containers when one is sufficient, but toddler minds […]

Design Ramble

It used to bug me that 95% of the designs + illustrations that I work on never see the light of day. But now? I appreciate them because there are worse tasks I could be doing….like, updating a spreadsheet or having to sit through meetings that could’ve been an email. As long as I am […]

Work Laptop Tragedy

The keyboard on my work Macbook Air is slowly dying. I’ll actually need to take it in for repair/replacement now. I’ve had to force caps lock on in settings in order to get lower case to work, an extra space gets added after I hit the “n” key, and now I’m getting weird returns/quotation marks/emojis.