Boston artist “Blind Fox”

Not every street artist has been thrilled about the rapid rise of the Blind Fox brand. Hagler said she’s received an earful from critics who view her and her peers as sellouts for basing their careers on big business commissions.

But she’s not bothered.

“Here’s the thing: We need to make money,” she said. And besides, “I’ve gotten tons and tons of experience just from working with these corporate clients.”

Erica Hagler / Blind Fox

haters are gonna hate.

make that $

Book Design Evolution

The lettering on romance covers dances with bouncy baselines, flirts with right alignment, and tantalizes with enjambment-style line breaks; all faux pas under the academic standards of design, but powerful at eliciting an emotional response. Type is often large-scale and boldly colored, calling out to be touched. But this emphasis on typography shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, letters serve a not dissimilar purpose to both graphic designers and writers—like clay to a sculptor, they’re the raw material waiting to be molded into art.

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