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October 2021

  • Absolutely no shame in using Canva. I am not above using it.

  • Participating in MassArtober: 31 days of art prompts. Follow along here: https://bit.ly/2YoLqKK

  • There are so many options now for art prompt projects in the month of October. This year, I’ve decided to join MassArt’s #MassArtober. The running theme for my work will be whatever the prompt is but….make it cute ? View the entire project here.

  • Always remember…

  • WBUR partnered with MassArt’s Professional Freelance Studio program to create a limited-edition tote bag that features work from a new up-and-coming Boston artist every year. Working alongside professor Irena Roman, we provided art direction and weekly feedback for the artists to interpret the station’s signature sound from their creative points of view. It was an…