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Beach Reading

When I first saw that Rick Rubin clip, I thought he was out of his mind. But, as I skimmed this book at the local bookstore, the things he said resonated with me. So, I bought it and it’s just helping me to get outside of my head…outside of my own way.

These past few days in Newburyport have been much needed – staring out into the ocean and listening to just the waves & wind is…everything.

Thanks to the husband for finding this lovely bookstore called Jabberwocky Books in Newburyport ❤️

A 4’11” American Ninja Warrior

My fave part of this story:

Standing 4 feet 11 inches, Taylor “Teej” Johnson, 29, a former gymnast and cheerleader, sets the record as the shortest athlete to ever qualify for Ninja’s National Finals. She works at Mass General as a financial analyst in the cancer center protocol office — a topic close to her heart.

Rep the shorties!!!

And, yes. I am 4’11” as well.

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Dear Adobe + Pantone,

ya’ll suck.

my Indesign finally bit the Pantone book swatch dust today.

Wonders of the Universe



Sweet Red Bean

My current obsession is adding a spoon of this sweet red bean to my overnight protein oats. It’s so good and I’m truly getting to old lady status. All these traditional Asian sweets I never cared for are now my jam.

LEGO New Boston Office

LEGO’s new office will be spread over five floors, with both collaborative spaces and “concentrative work zones,” according to the release.

I appreciate the fact that when they say Boston office, they mean Boston office.

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Bill Belichick’s Fave Taylor Swift Song

The legendary Patriots head coach was asked on WEEI on Monday morning if he caught any concerts at Gillette Stadium over the summer.

“Yeah, saw a little bit of Taylor,” he replied.

Ever a football guy, Belichick couldn’t help but respect the way that Swift delivered her three-plus hour performance in a driving rain storm for one of her three shows in Foxboro in May.

“That was pretty impressive. She’s tough, man,” Belichick said of Swift. “She just stood out there and played right through it.”

that rain show is forever a core memory of mine. so glad I got to share it with the husband and that he turned into a Swiftie afterward.

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To the Library

Renewed my library card + libby app + hoopla app which means you will never see me now.

Downward spiral

I stayed up until 3:30am reading a Lisa Kleypas book. The kiddo did not care that I was only running on a few hours of sleep. I mean, I did this knowingly to myself but it still hurts.

So Boston

I’ve never see a more perfect paperweight.

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