Dunkin’ Spider Donut Halloween merch

a six-foot-tall Inflatable Dunkin’ Spider Donut ($99.99)

Dunkin’ Halloween merch and, of course, donuts on the way. I don’t have the space for the 6ft inflatable Spider Donut, but the keychain and donuts I can do. The inflatable will be available at 12pm EST on 10/3 online and everything else in-store on 10/11.

Embracing the fanfare around the Spider Donut, the brand has crafted a trio of ways to revel in the spooky season. First, Dunkin’ created a first-of-its-kind inflatable with Halloween super fans in mind. The larger-than-life creation reflects the charming donut design and marks Dunkin’s first foray into Halloween décor. Perfect for decorating porches, lawns, front stoops, and more, the sweet orange glow of the Inflatable Spider Donut sets the stage for more treats to come at Dunkin’.

“Our Spider Donut has increasingly become a symbol of the Halloween spirit here at Dunkin’,” said Kemma Kefalas, Director of Brand Engagement at Dunkin’. “Every October, we watch our guests celebrate the spooky season with Spider Donuts in hand. This year, we wanted to create a new and out-of-the-donut-box way for Spider Donut super fans to showcase their love for the season with this inflatable masterpiece.”

Dunkin’ Newsroom

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