André 3000 on new creative pursuits

“Even now people think, Oh, man, he’s just sitting on raps, or he’s just holding these raps hostage. I ain’t got no raps like that. It actually feels…sometimes it feels inauthentic for me to rap because I don’t have anything to talk about in that way. I’m 48 years old. And not to say that age is a thing that dictates what you rap about, but in a way it does. And things that happen in my life, like, what are you talking about? ‘I got to go get a colonoscopy.’ What are you rapping about? ‘My eyesight is going bad.’ You can find cool ways to say it, but….”

André 3000 for GQ

truly inspiring to see how creativity evolves and changes because that’s ok and it’s a part of life which leads me to…

I just ordered a set of Crayola crayons to draw with and, most importantly, to play again.

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