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I am an Ali Hazelwood Fangirl

Her latest book, Bride, about vampires and werewolves, is a departure from her usual science-themed work but also not because her signature skill in character development runs throughout and that’s what I love about her books.

After reading it on the Libby app/Kindle, I ordered a hardcover copy for my collection. I missed out on the limited edition custom edges which was a bummer but I made sure to pre-order her upcoming book Not In Love, an Afterlight exclusive with alternate dust cover jacket. And, while I was at it, I also pre-ordered exclusive editions of The Love Hypothesis, Love on the Brain and Love, Theoretically. Was it a lot? Yes. But, they’re early birthday presents to myself.

There’s also an exclusive Not In Love pre-order edition with indie book shops. It comes with an overlay which is available only in paperback? I’m not too sure but it’s so tempting!

Anyhow, all this is to say I am an Ali Hazelwood fangirl.

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