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Quote of the Day

“Thank you to the people who didn’t believe in me … To those who thought they were putting water on my fire, you were really adding gas to it.”

Coco Gauff

Go, Little Swiss!

The announcers referred to her as the “Little Swiss.” Go, Little Swiss! go, Little Swiss, go!

‘Twas a valiant effort.

A 4’11” American Ninja Warrior

My fave part of this story:

Standing 4 feet 11 inches, Taylor “Teej” Johnson, 29, a former gymnast and cheerleader, sets the record as the shortest athlete to ever qualify for Ninja’s National Finals. She works at Mass General as a financial analyst in the cancer center protocol office — a topic close to her heart.

Rep the shorties!!!

And, yes. I am 4’11” as well.

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Muggsy Bogues

My all-time fave basketball player is Muggsy Bogues ????


LEGO Lion Dancer

I built the LEGO little lion dancer — didn’t realize it’d be a booklet of instructions but I made it through with a couple hiccups. she’s so cute ????????????????

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